In these times we are confronted with the Corona virus, this has far-reaching consequences for society.
The consequences are not limited to the Netherlands, but concern the entire world. Martine F. Delfos has released various articles and other material on this theme.
On this page, this information and some related publications are listed together on the same page for convenience.

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What Covis-19 does, produces a lot of confusion.

It is a virus, which consists of RNA, what the body recognizes as part of the DNA. Covid-19 is RNA that attacks the lungs and the function of the lungs. Read more:
Pages from the immune book (p77-78):
Explanation about what the function is of an autoimmune reaction/ disease

It is also a fight between the virus and the auto-immune system, causing autoimmune disorders. Read more:
Short article:
The confusion about what Covid 19 does

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