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It has been written for LOWAN, an organization for help refuge children with their schooling in a new country.

It is meant to show the depth of the problem and the meaninglessness and danger to quickly solve their trauma with a method such as EMDR.

Refugee children: download here the PDF of the article 

Interview of Martine F. Delfos on sexual abuse by journalist Marisol Ortega, from the newspaper EL TIEMPO.

Sexual abuse is a problem promoted and sponsored by the media: download here the PDF of the article

In psychiatry and psychology the interest on trauma evolved from thinking that trauma was
directly connected to the event to realizing it has its impact long after the event. In the
evolution of the concept of trauma it took till 1994 to acknowledge the fact that children
have specific reactions to trauma and till 2013 to begin to mention that internet could have
a traumatic influence. The theory on trauma was about the effect with anxiety as a
primordial element. This resulted in a treatment concept as EMDR, which neglects the
deeper layers of trauma. Because it was only discovered long after the birth of the concept
that trauma also affects children, we did not really pay attention in research to the effect of
trauma in the sense of formation. We need a new theory that encompasses effect and
formation. Therefore we need a developmental perspective on trauma.

Trauma is not only about effect but about formation: download here the PDF of the article

Eating can be considered to be a developmental task. You have to learn to eat: how,
when and what. While the body and body reflexes are prepared to receive and
process food, the act of eating itself is not inborn as such and is an important
educational target. This task passes through different stages and the way in which a
stadium is passed through, influences further development. To be able to map the
issues of eating disorders and overweight, it is necessary to view eating as a
developmental task. In this article, eating is viewed as a developmental task in the
different phases of life.

Grinding jaws Eating viewed from a psychological developmental perspective: download here the PDF of the article