Cognition and maturation

Cognition is a highly valued element in modern times. A good brain is nowadays more valued than strong muscles. So, when something has cognitive problems or acts differently than we expect, we pay much attention to that. Often quickly we label the problem with a diagnosis and a treatment, and consider it a disorder. What really creates a problem, however, is when we focus only on one aspect of the behavior.

We have to focus on the whole person and relate the different problems to each other and to the person as a whole. Much of what we call neurocognitive disorders are due to a delayed development, or an atypical development, which of course has consequences for treatment.



20 april 2023


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Asociaţia Psihologilor Atestaţi din România, A.P.A.R.


Asociaţia Psihologilor Atestaţi din România, A.P.A.R.
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