Puck and Moyamoya

For all children with a puff of smoke inside their head

Puck became 9 years old last week and she had a party. Almost the whole class was there, well, all the girls – 8 girls! It was a fun party.

They baked cakes, because 9 years old you feel quite grown up, but mum and dad also helped with the baking. Every child had her own cake with a candle, so there were 9 candles altogether. They stood in a circle all around the table and Puck was allowed to run around and blow them out, one by one. It was a beautiful day and they played with water in the garden. A water festival. Everyone loved it. Buddy, Puck’s dog, probably loved it the most!


Puck and Moyamoya is a therapeutic story. Puck has a disease of the arteries in the brain where small new arteries are made to solve the problem. An operation is often required.

Puck and Moyamoya is intended for children who have problems arising from Moyamoya and who may or will undergo brain surgery, or who already have.

It is intended to explain the problem and make it open to discussion.

For children, their parents, professionals in care and teachers.

General information

The author Martine F. Delfos, biopsychologist and works with multiple traumatized children and adults. For the forts therapeutic children books she received the Wilhelmina prize.

The second author and inspirator for this book is Annick Kronenburg. She has come up with the idea to make a book for children with Moyamoya. Annick Kronenburg is in training as a neurosurgeon at UMC Utrecht specializing in Moyamoya and het PhD research is about Moyamoya. She is part of the Moyamoya team of UMC Utrecht, where children and adults from The Netherlands and Belgium among others, are treated for Moyamoya.


ISBN 9789066650220

E-ISBN 9789066650244

Author: Martine F. Delfos & Annick Kronenburg
with illustrations by Sjeng Schupp
Niño / SWP, Amsterdam

1st edition 2019

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